Gameplay User Interface

NAVIGATION / locomotion

“Ride” / “on rails”

Using a “Ride” style approach for the navigation in the game would be similar to jump in a rollercoaster ride or similar to a cockpit of a spaceship. Which fits perfect with the story of this experience.

The player will be INSIDE a robotic submarine vessel.
The player will be playing the experience from a seated position. Similar VR games are “Titans of Space”, “BattleZone VR” or “Vox Machina”.

Here is an 3D animation on how would this camera will work:

Benefits of the Ride style navigation:

  • The user is “on rails” and is dedicated to enjoy the ride, more like a roller coaster
  • The camera has predefined checkpoint shots which can be setup to achieve maximum wow factor.

Issues with the Ride style navigation:

  • The player gets dizzy if the camera moves too fast


The user will use the controller (his/her hand) to point to a space where wants to be; the whole nano-suit will move towards the selected point and to avoid dizziness or loosing the space sense, there will be a fade in-out transition between the process of teleporting. This is the most common ways of locomotion in VR without producing dizziness on the player.

In order to fit better the story, the player then will be standing up, dressing the special nanosuit, similar to Marvel’s Ant-Man nanosuit.

Another consideration is that the player will have the feeling that is “walking” on the surface of the cell. Similar to “The Little Prince” book, the player will be attached to a small roundy planetoid. Also sounds compelling.

Here is a video on how teleportation will work with the fade in-out transition

Ideal teleportation at 7:41

Joystick Controller

It works and the player will be familiar with it since is legacy from the traditional game controller, BUT: creates dizziness in the user because some VR systems drop frames or run less than 90 fps; or the 3D meshes in the scene are not well optimized or too high resolution that creates the system to drop frames.